Carbon Calculated

The Carbon Calculated Platform

Open Aggregation and Calculation platform for Carbon Emission Factors.

The Carbon Calculated platform is a freely accessible aggregation system containing up to the minute data on carbon emissions and emission calculation.

The platform contains factors for all types of GHG (green house gas) emission calculation and data on a huge variety of items, from microwaves and steel rods, to air travel, making it very simple for developers to build tools for carbon calculation.

Why would I want to use it?

Most carbon datasets that are within the public domain are sometimes hard to interpret and find the data or formulas required. To find this information involves considerable research and domain knowledge, which can be a hinderance both in terms of cost and time when it comes to building carbon calculation applications.

The Carbon Calculated Platform solves these problems for you. We have aggregated all of this information into a freely accessible platform, available via the API.

How do I build my Carbon Calculation Tool?

If you are a developer looking to build your own emission calculation tool, the best place to start is the developer API.

If you are a company looking to commission a tool, please get in touch, and our team of specialists can advise on the best strategy for your application.

Where is the data from?

The data in the Carbon Calculated Platform is from approved sources such as Defra and Energy Star. To view the current list of sources,

If you have data that you would like to be included in the platform, please contact us.

Browse through the data

The Carbon Calculated Browser shows all of the data currently available within the platform and via the Developer API.

Browsing through this information shows the relevant sources and emission factors associated with each item within the platform. For more information on how to use the browser, please get in touch.

Why is it free of charge?

We believe that since these datasets originated in the public domain, they should remain as such. There are no plans to turn the Carbon Calculated platform into a paying service.